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Sunday, January 4, 2009

20 Tips for selling home fast

Make a lasting first impression

The front door should be clean and presentable. If the doorbell is not working repair it.

Walls and woodwork
Faded walls and worn woodwork won’t sell your home. A small investment in paint or wallpaper will.

Let the sun shine in
Open the drapes and curtains. Clean the window and panes. Turn on the lights. House buyers are drawn to bright, cheerful interior.

Call the plumber and the electrician
Dripping water taps suggest worn out plumbing or careless maintenance. Clean those rust stained sinks. And make sure the drains are running free and clear. Loose electrical wires, broken sockets and fused out bulbs, flickering tube-lights are a no-no.

The devil’s in the details
Loose door knobs and handles. Creaky doors. Door latches not closing smoothly. Sticking drawers. Wobbly hinges. Jammed windows. They can all cost you a potential customer. Fix the defects and they make a sale.

Safety sells
Keep staircases and corridors clean and free of clutter. Cluttered areas are not only unattractive; they are dangerous as well.

Sell the whole home
Let prospects see the big picture. Make sure your attic is presentable, your garage is neat and your basement is organized. Give storeroom space a clean coat of paint.

Buyers love big closets and wall cupboards
And they look even bigger when they are clean, neat and well organized. Get rid of piles of clothes, old cartons and other clutter.

Bathrooms are big sellers.
Make bathrooms sparkle. Clean sinks and bowls. Recaulk where needed. Make sure towels and bathroom mats are freshly washed.

Wake up your bedrooms
Remove excess furniture. Use attractive and colourful bed linens and spreads. Open the drapes and curtains and let the light in. Remember, this is where your buyers spend one third of their lives.

It is now showtime! Here are ten suggestions to help you make the most of it.

Lighten up
Home buyers love the light. By day, let the sun shine in. By night, turn on all your lights, inside and outside. Don’t forget the accent and picture lights.

Avoid crowds
House hunters hate crowds. When your brokers shows your home, send the children away to the neighbours and take a long walk.

Silence is golden
When your home is being shown, turn off the radio, television, stereo or any other noise-producing source. It will make your agent’s job easier.

Keep pets out of sight
Make your pets disappear when your house is being shown. Your prospect may have different tastes in animal than you.

Stay in the background
Do not try to engage your prospects in conversation. Let your broker do his or her job and let your buyers inspect without interruption.

Be prepared
You never know when your consultant (agent) may need to show your home on a moment’s notice. So, make your beds and tidy up each morning, just in case.

No apologies necessary
Nobody’s perfect. There’s no need to apologies for the appearance of your house. Let your agent field any negative comment.

Sell the home period
Don’t try to sell your prospect your old furniture, appliances, lamps or anything besides your house. Save it for after the sale.

Leave it to professionals
Let your broker discuss selling price, terms, possession dates or other such details. They have been carefully trained and will negotiate on your behalf.

Show by appointment only
Your agents can schedule all showings including those from other real estate offices. All you need to do is to make sure your home is ready to show.

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