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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Invest In Dubai?

Why invest in Dubai?

1)Its is being calculated by specialists that the popution of Dubai will increase from 1.6million to 3 million by the year or 2010 which means more population is equaled to more demand.

2)Everyear there are as much as 5 million of trourists visiting Dubai.It is expected that by 2010,the number will increase to 15 million.

3)All real estate development and planning is controlled by government and completed in a timely fashion.There will be more and more projects coming in 2009.

4)Strong support from the government for real estate in Dubai as much as 40 billion USD invested.

5)Dubai is a hub and important financial centre whereby many international companies outsoucing operations in High rental yields on completed and well located properties of between 8 - 15 %per annum.

6)Direct flights from the UK and Ireland which bring convenients to oversea investors.

7)Fast development and expansion of properties growth with high end and luxurious building for tourists.Dubai has more leading hotels
of the world than any other country today.

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