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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lists of Dubai Future Projects

There are more projects to come in future.I just views some of the concept pictures of the buildings.they are futuristic,sophiscated and  spectacular in design and sturcture.There projects that will be run are

Dubai City Tower,Dubai Death Star,Dubai Ski Dome,Dubai Mall,Dubai Arch Bridge,Dubai Towers,Dubai Promenade,Dubai Opera House,Dubai Hub One,Dubai Renaissance,Dubai Grand Pyramid,Trump International Hotel & Tower,Hydropolis,The Palm Tower,Porsche Towers,The Cloud,Dancing Towers,0-14 tower,ETA Hotel,Arabian Blade,The Wave Tower,The Pixel Tower,the infinity tower,Al Sharq Tower,The Lighthouse,Tiara United,Al Burj,Space Science World,Stellar Tower,Pal Jebel ali,The Apeirin Hotel,The Empire Tower,P-17,Synergy,Vision Tower,Lam Tara Towers,Golden Dome,Atrium City Towers,Burj Al Alam,Meydan Godolphin River City,RTA Headquarters,Nakheel Tower


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