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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Malaysia driving & public transport

To drive on Malaysian roads, you are required to hold a Malaysian Competent Driving Licence, Probationary Driving Licence or an International Driving Licence. A foreign licence can be used if it is endorsed by the Road Transport Department, and some nationals are allowed to drive on their own country licences for their first three months in Malaysia. Information is available from the Malaysian Road Transport Department.

Nationals of the countries which have reciprocal agreements with Malaysia can apply for a Malaysian driving licence, on provision of:

1.Their existing driving licence and a photocopy of the licence
2. A translated script (if the licence is not in English) in English or Bahasa Malaysia, provided by the Embassy of the issuing country or the licensing authority
3. A colour photograph (25mm x 32mm)
4. Their passport/travel documents
5.Payment of RM60.00 for 2 years
6.A completed JPJL1 Form

Holders of valid foreign driving licenses from countries that do not have reciprocal agreements with the government of Malaysia but are member/contracting countries of the United Nations Conference On Road and Motor Transport, Geneva (1949 and 1968) can apply to the Director General, RTD to be exempted from tests to obtain a driving licence.

Vehicles use the left-hand side of the road and the use of safety belts by front passengers is mandatory. Cell phones either talking on phone or SMS are prohibited while driving. Laws against drinking and driving are strictly enforced with stiff penalties(Saman).Drivers who just get their license need to have a P sticker at the front window.

If you dont have a driving license.There are still public transport everywhere like city bus,LRT,KTM and taxis.

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